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Welcome to the lab page of Dave Tank @ UIdaho

Research in the Tank Lab focuses on the use of molecular methods to reconstruct evolutionary  histories in plants and the application of phylogenetic and phylogeographic methods to understand plant evolution.

Research in the lab focuses on multiple levels of plant phylogeny from the systematics and evolution of closely related groups of species to macroevolutionary patterns of diversification in angiosperms.  

Check out the research page to learn more about how we use phylogenies to address evolutionary questions in plants and to better understand plant biodiversity.

Recent lab news


3 Mar 2014 - Congrats Diego! Congratulations to Diego Morales Briones for his successful International Association for Plant Taxonomy grant proposal...more

20 Feb 2014 - Distinctiveness paper! The 2nd paper from the NESCent tempo & mode of plant trait evolution group on functional trait diversity in Angiosperms...more

29 Jan 2014 - MinuteEarth video! The MinuteEarth team to put together a video on how trees survive winter that draws from our paper...more

9 Jan 2014 - APPS paper! Our long PCR & next generation sequencing paper for chloroplast genomics came out this week in Applications in Plant Sciences...more

6 Jan 2014 - Dr. Maribeth Latvis joins the lab! The Tank Lab is very happy to welcome Dr. Maribeth Latvis to the University of Idaho...more

2 Jan 2014 - Plant tree at OneZoom! Explore the Seed Plant Tree of Life using the OneZoom tree viewer...more

22 Dec 2013 - Nature paper! Our paper on the evolution of cold tolerance in angiosperms was published online today in Nature...more




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