Dr. Amy E. Zanne

    Department of Biology
    R223 Research Building
    One University Boulevard
    University of Missouri, St. Louis
    St. Louis, MO 63121-4400 USA

Office: S448 Stadler, Phone:  314-516-6672,  Fax: 314-516-6233 , Email: aezanne at gmail.com


I work at the crossroads of plant ecology, physiology, and evolutionary biology. I am interested in determining suites of plant functional traits (ecological, morphological, and physiological) and how these suites allow species to grow in different environments. I especially enjoy examining these suites in a phylogenetic context and view that such analyses can give us enhanced insight into interspecific differences.

Currently I am working in collaboration with Mark Westoby and Ian Wright at Macquarie University, David Ackerly at University of California, Berkeley, Peter Reich at University of Minnesota, Lawren Sack at University of Hawaii, David Coomes at University of Cambridge, and Rob Jackson at Duke University. I have been examining relationships between plant physiological and anatomical traits. In this work, I am relating hydraulic safety and efficiency traits in Australian woody angiosperms between sites contrasting in nutrients and rainfall. This work entails measuring hydraulic conductivity, vulnerability to embolism, and various anatomical and leaf traits. Additionally, I am comparing species from global databases of wood anatomy traits related to hydraulic safety and efficiency.


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