A digital flora of Indonesia and Malesia*

Welcome to this site of open source biodiversity informatics software and open data (plant taxonomic, metadata and DNA barcode information). Our long-term goal is contribute to the biodiversity inventory and species description of this mega-diversity country, and beyond. Our initial data include plant collections made in the Gunung Palung National Park (West Kalimantan), during a Herbarium Bogoriense (LIPI) and PHKA biodiversity inventory and informatics project, sponsored by the Arnold Arboretum.

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Data entry


C. Webb and T. Triono would like to thank the Government of Indonesia, (MenRisTek FRP, LIPI-PPB, PHKA, and Balai TN Gunung Palung) for assistance and permissions, the Arnold Arboretum for funding, H. Yanto and E. Setiawan for field assistance, G. Dean and R. Asmarayani for lab assistance, and the taxonomists who have reviewed pages and submitted identifications.

* Malesia is the floristic region incorporating the nation states of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. It is bounded by the Indochina, Pacific and Australian floristic regions. Many plant species are shared among countries in Malesia.