Varanus salvator (Laurenti, 1768)
Water Monitor

Locations : Lambir Hills NP, Pulawgaya, Maliau.
Physique : Body robust in adults, slender in juveniles; snout depressed; nostril rounded or oval, twice as far from orbit as from snout tip.
Scalation : Nuchal scales strongly keeled; crown scales large, flat, smooth, larger than nuchal scales; supraoculars well differentiated; midventral scales feebly keeled, numbering 148-153; tail strongly compressed with a double-toothed crest above; caudal scales keeled dorsally and ventrally.
Habit : Diurnal/ nocturnal; semi-aquatic.
Habitat : Inhabits a variety of habitats, ranging from mangrove swamps, river banks, canals, to dipterocarp forests, and is frequently seen in urban settings.
Natural History : Diet comprises a wide variety of large invertebrates and small vertebrates, such as insects, fishes, crabs, freshwater turtles, eggs as well as adults of water birds, crocodiles and sea turtles, other varanids and rodents, including carrion. Between 5-30 eggs, measuring ~40x~60 mm, are produced. Incubation period is 180-327 days, depending on locality, and hatchlings measure 18.0-30.0cm.