Tropidophorus micropus (Peters, 1871)
Small-legged Water Skink

Locations : Lambir Hills NP.
Scalation : Scales on forehead distinctly striated; frontonasal as long as broad; supraoculars four; supraciliaries seven; scales on flanks relatively small; ventrals smooth, larger than laterals; midbody scale rows 34; subdigital lamellae smooth.
Habit : Diurnal; semi-aquatic.
Habitat : Inhabits rocky streams within lowland forests.
Natural History : Retreat sites include fallen tree trunks and cracks in rocks, including under waterfalls. When molested, the species excretes and unpleasant-smelling musk from the cloacal glands. Diet remains unknown, and likely to be aquatic arthropods. Ovoviviparous, three young ones are produced at time, measuring 26-27.4mm.