Harvard Biodiversity of Borneo Course 2008


Rattan are Specialized group of scaly fruited palms (subfamily Lepidocaryoideae)

After changing my interest three times, from beautiful dragon fly to elegant damsel fly and drastically to versatile palms, I finally decided to take grand RATTAN as my focal taxon.


I found it was difficult to identify them into species (especially for a beginner like me !).  Nevertheless, it was interesting for me to directly interact with rattan (which most of us avoid when walking in the jungle) for I have seen them from TV and books, and have used some cute products made of them.


From my interaction with rattan during the course, I also saw one of the basic values in life;  Co-exist with others. It was clearly shown when I looked at how ants live in the inflated ocrea of Khortalsia furtadoana. And also how rattan use their cirrus or flagella hook to other plants to climb up reaching for sunshine.


Grand, aren’t they? Can you spot the spines?


The rattan is on his shoulder! NO spines!! (taken from:mediaindonesia)