Melastomes is one of the flowering plants that can be found as herbs, shrub or tree, also can be found as climber. Simple leaf which arranged in opposite or decussate; blades oblong, lanceolate, ovate; without stipule, sap, with 3 or more nerve. Flower single or in inflorescence, terminal or axillar, cymes.


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Melastoma malabathricum, Pternandra sp 1, Pternandra sp 2, Pternandra sp 3 and Pternandra sp 4


Melastoma sp, Morphospecies 1, Morphospecies 2, Morphospecies 3 and Morphospecies 4


Medinilla speciosa, Morphospecies 5, Dissochaeta sp 1 and Phyllagathis sp


Diplectria sp, Pternandra sp 5, Morphospecies 6, and Dissochaeta sp 2


Sonerila sp, Morphospecies 7, Clidemia sp 1 and Clidemia sp 2


Dissochaeta sp 3, Morphospecies 8, Dissochaeta sp 4 and Morphospecies 9

Melastomes Tree
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