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Scientific content

Orang utan

Orang utan in lowland Bornean forest,
Gunung Palung National Park (Tim Laman)

ATBC 2010 offers a unique balance of pure and applied, and terrestrial and marine themes in tropical biology. The oral presentations will be distributed among half-day sessions, the majority of which will be mini-symposia that were independently proposed by one or more symposium organizer. Posters will be arranged by theme ans will be up for two days, and will be presented at a poster session, on 20 or 22 July. There will also be six plenary talks.

Schedule of presentations 


The following is the final list of symposia selected from the sixty proposals we recieved.

The (#) number is the non-changing symposium code.

Evening events 

Open, free of extra charge, to all registered participants and registered spouses/partners.

Workshops and side meetings 

Workshops and courses will occur either before or after the main meeting (i.e., ending on 19 July, or beginning on 24 July). We have arranged the use of the beautiful Bali Botanical Gardens (owned and managed by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences), in Bedugul, but some short workshops may also be in Sanur.

Registration for workshops is managed by workshop organizers, not by the ATBC 2010 secretariat. Some workshops may be free, some may require additional payment. You may attend as many workshops as is logistically possible. Accommodation for Bedugul-based workshops should also be planned for and arranged separately. If you are interested in one of the titles here, you are encouraged to email the organizers directly.