Sphenomorphus sabanus Inger, 1958
Sabah Litter Skink

Locations : Deramakot.
Physique : Body robust; lobules in ear-opening absent.
Scalation : Prefrontals in broad contact or separated, parietals in contact with supraoculars; supraoculars usually six; supraciliaries 14-17; supralabials seven; infralabials 5-7; midbody scale rows 38-42; lamellae under toe IV 18-22.
Habit : Diurnal ; semi-arboreal.
Habitat : Ranges from lowlands to submontane forests.
Natural History : Often associated with tree trunks and buttresses and is a shade-loving lizard. Known to hang upside-down on a branch, suspended by its hind limbs, a behavior considered mimicry of a dry twig. Its diet consists of beetles and spiders, although ants, cockroaches, grasshoppers, moths and flies are also consumed. Eggs, between 2-3 in number, measuring 10-12 mm in length, are produced at a time.