Sphenomorphus cyanolaemus Inger & Hosmer, 1965
Blue-throated Litter Skink

Locations : Lambir Hills NP.
Physique : Body slender; limbs relatively long; ear-opening lacking lobules.
Scalation : Prefrontals in broad contact with each other; anterior loreals two, superimposed; nuchals absent; supraoculars six; supraciliaries 12-15; supralabials 6-8; infralabials six; mental as wide as rosral; midbody scale rows 37-42, smooth; lamellae under toe IV 16-19; two large preanals.
Habit : Diurnal; terrestrial / semi-arboreal.
Habitat : Lowland forests.
Natural History : Capable of climbing trees up to at least 5m, to bask and avoid predation, and possibly also to forage. At night, they sleep on leaves of saplings overhanging hill streams, 30-50 cm above water. Diet presumably comprises insects; two eggs measuring 6*11mm, are deposited in ant heaps, within buttresses of trees.