Etlingera brevilabrum


Description: The leaves are highly distinctive, with red blotches covering the upper and under side, especially on new leaves. The newest leaves are often curled into white cylinders with red blotches, while older leaves may fade enough to appear totally light green except on closer inspection. Leaf undersides are also coated with fine white hairs. Both petiole and ligule are long. Flowers positioned in the middle of the rhizome some distance from the vegetative stalk, with peduncle so short that the flowers are nearly buried. Flowers are red and tubular with a wide lower labellum and a clear spot on the narrow upper lip, arranged singularly or in small clusters, with short pink bracts around each flower.

Distribution: Deramakot, Sepilok, Lambir, Maliau Basin

Ecology/Habitat: Very widely distributed throughout Borneo and within the areas in which they are found, forming the dominant ginger species in Deramakot and Sepilok. It dominates open embankments, especially those with dry, clay soils.