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Phylogenetic computing

  • Phylocom: tools for analysis of phylogenetic community structure
  • Phylomatic: building and using a supertree of the vascular plants
  • Newick-format tree manipulation
  • A Mac OS X build of Dolph Schluter’s ANCML

Digital identification keys

Bibliographic tools

Resources for R

The result of an online post to an R mailing list, asking abou tthe simplest way in R/S to recreate data manipulations that are simple in JMP.

GPS/GIS tools

I have a Garmin eTrex Summit, which has seen me all around SE Asia. Until recently, I had to copy waypoints by hand, since Garmin’s MapSource is a W$indows app. But I just discovered gpspoint (thanks Thomas Schank!), which compiles cleanly on my Mac OS 10.2. With my Keyspan USB-to-Serial (USA-28X B), and an RS-422-to-RS-232 converter, and Garmin’s serial cable (whew!), my Mac will talk to the eTrex (setenv GPSPORT “/dev/tty.USA28X1913P1.1”). Also, Guillaume Cottenceau wrote an excellent perl-script to convert Long-Lat to UTM (based on Johan Montagnat’s work). I’ve written a small script (gpspoint2utm) to stitch their apps together.

Now all I need to do is write a import/export parser for my TOPO map of California (they finally made a Mac version of the browser and a PC-to-Mac converter), and I’ll be set. Watch this space.

Here’s a quick Google maps coordinate lookup.

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