“Common names are for common people.” – Chuck via Charlie

“Monocots – Who Cares?” – Megan

“It’s like falling in love with a cancer patient.” – Ian, on Rainforests

“No Stipules, No Leaves, No Stems: No Treeaceae.” – Ruchi

“Always remember to suck on the pooter.” – Ian

“If it’s small, eat it. If it’s large, run away from it. And, if it’s the same size, try to mate with it – which goes for humans as well.” – Indraneil Das, on Frogs

“This tastes like the killing jar, with a peach jolly rancher.” – Megan, on the Snakeskin Fruit

“We’d like to check out the bottle of scotch please.” – Tim, on Lab Equipment

“Snorkel Snorkel – This is Base Camp. We are out of cookies. Please Advise.” – Charlie, on Emergency Provisions

“A lot of Asians are scared of big men with beards, like Cam.” – Jayl Langub

“Equatorial zones are hot as balls.” – Tim

“Is he still walking around with his ass all up in his face?” – Brad, on an Ant

“CHOCOLATE BALLS!” – Dewi, on Chocolate Balls

“He’s cooler than everyone, but zombies.” – Jesse, on Ross

“MRGGHMRRFGR!” – Ross, on Zombies

“Horseradish is wasabi’s disgruntled cousin.” – Tim

“Throw up? Noooooo…Throw down.” – Marcel

“We are eating overfishing! Damn!” – Ben

“Pseudocopulation: We call that gang-banging.” – MS

“Pay no attention to the granite outcrops with six legs.” – Menno Schilthuizen

“If I were a mammal…” – Sarah

“Covered in sweat and leeches is me!” – Jesse
“Jesse Pinkpants!” – Dewi

“Yo. Where’s the tandas up in this piece?” – Brad

“The new order is girls on top, boys on bottom.” – Cam, on Sleeping Arrangements