Project 3

Affects of Seed Density and the Occurrence of Multiple Masting Species on Terrestrial Predation of Parashorea and Quercus Fruits
by Charlie, Sarah and Megan.

Insect diversity and composition in 3 vegetation types in Maliau Basin Conservation Area, Sabah
by Marcel, Mona and Kore.

Mapping Dipterocarp Seed Dispersal Under Natural and Experimental Conditions In Maliau Basin
by Ross, Olivia and Tim.

Butterfly colouration preference in canopy height
by Eka and Dewi.

What’s the “sexiest” time to call- temporal changes in the calls of an amphibian assemblage at Maliau Basin Study Center premises
by Ruchira and Ben.

Differential pollinator visitation to Melastoma malabathricum (Melastomataceae) under different sunlight conditions
by Pui and Wayne.

Project Jekti : Proportion of Predation
by Jesse and Bekti.

Fruit Dispersal Syndrome Characterization of a Lowland Bornean Rainforest Masting Event
by Ian.

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