Phylomatic API


Phylomatic will accept either POST or GET, and one of the output format options is XML. So you can now use Phylomatic as a web service. The format of the GET string is:****
where format is `new' or `xml'; bl is 0 or 1 to set the branch lengths; and **** is the URL-encoded taxa block (`/' is %2F ; RETURN is %0D%0A). For example:
For large input lists, use a POST, since you may run up against a maximum URL length limitation.

Both wget and curl are excellent unix tools for retrieving data via HTTP. E.g.,

curl "" > phylomatic_output.xml

Parsing the returned data

You can call plain text with the `format=new' option. The XML is returned according to an evolving model for coding phylogeny metadata. The schema (in RELAX NG Compact form) is here; it contains (minimal) comments. A template is also available.

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