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Members of the Howarth Lab

Principal Investigator Dianella G. Howarth
Some of The Model Organisms We Use

Fedia cornucopiae

Valerianella locusta

Lonicera (various spp.)

Heptacodium miconioides
Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students
Geraldine Boyden
– Knocking down floral symmetry genes using Virus Induced Gene Silencing in Fedia cornucopiae.

Vincent Ricigliano
– Tissue culture and transformation in Fedia cornucopiae.

Jiahong Cau
– Beginning student.

Masters Students
Mostafa Bader
– Floral symmetry gene evolution in Goodeniaceae.

Jingjing Tong
– Beginning student.

Undergraduate Students


Ed Chimney

Tasfina Yousuf

Taylor Chenail

Luis Varela

Mike Yarbrough
Former Lab Members

Sreedevi Goparaju
– Floral symmetry gene evolution in core eudicots.

Tiago Martins
– Floral symmetry gene expression in Lonicera.

Ela Gray
– Floral symmetry gene evolution in Goodeniaceae.

Under-Undergraduate Students



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