Software for taxonomic informatics

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Nix is a tool for automating the process of looking up synonyms and taxonomic information for plant species. Nix is simply a front-end to existing databases of taxonomic information.

Currently, Nix queries the list of Plantae taxa included in the June 15 version of the ITIS taxonomic database. Synonymy and taxonomic information in this database is complete for North American vascular plant species, but very incomplete for the rest of the world, so use with caution.

Nix is entirely dependent on the availability of taxonomic databases such as ITIS. It would be easy to extend Nix to use other sources of taxonomic information as they become available. Please contact me with any comments or suggestions.

If you use Nix, please cite me and acknowledge the source of the taxonomic data:
Nix is open-source software released under the terms of the GPL v2.0 license (contact me if you’d like a copy of the source). Thanks to Cam Webb for hosting the software on and to ITIS for making the data available.

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