Few tips to photographers

– The white lights around the park headquarters attract many insects at night. Best places are around the entrance, around some staff quarters and the hostel.

– There’s a colony of swifts under the park name board at the main entrance.

– It’s worth visiting the botanical garden where you can observe (and photograph) many plants which you won’t encounter during the summit trail.

– Bird watching is best during early mornings (from ~7am onwards). The forest patch adjoining the chalets is a good place.

– During the summit trail, there are several species of squirrels (especial ground squirrels) hanging around the shelters. They are quite used to humans thus are easy to photograph. But better not feed them!

– Pitcher plants can be found on the sides of the trail but most are not visible to the trail. Ask your guide where they are.

– There are a considerable number of birds around the Laban Rata resthouse and Gunting Lagadan hut (at ~3300m a.s.l.). They are easier to photograph along the trail than inside the forest patches. Go with only one buddy or a small group.

– Protect your gear as it’s misty and damp. Keep your gear in a sealed plastic bag with silica.

Leave only footprints…Take only photographs…& Keep only memories…


Designed by Ruchira Somaweera (University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka). Oct 2007.