An Interactive Key, Descriptions And Images Of The Tree And Shrub Genera Of Borneo

The interactive key is used with the program INTKEY, a part of the DELTA package. 

The entire DELTA package can be installed from here:

Note that during each installation process that language options include Indonesian.

The first time INTKEY is used it will have to be pointed to initialization files.   For the English version of the key, browse to borneointkey.ini.   For the Indonesian version of the key, browse to borneoindokeyintkey.ini.

Instructions on how to use INTKEY can be found within INTKEY – just open the program and access help from the "Help" button on the menu bar.  INTKEY will need to be registered and information is provided in the following files, DELTAUSE.TXT and DELTAREG.TXT.

The interactive key files can be downloaded here in either or both of:

The images needed for the characters can either be accessed over the Internet by INTKEY, or they can be downloaded from here:

This product was developed under the "Inventory of Plant Resources of West Kalimantan" project of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in collaboration with the Center for Research and Development in Biology (PPPB) of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Government of Indonesia. It was funded by NSF and the Arnold Arboretum.