Lambir gecko project (argument)

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  • There is no sexual dimorphism in terms of weight-length in Hemidactylus frenatus and Cyrtodactylus pubisculus
    • In some species of snakes it was observed that the female grows longer and consequently weigh more than males (Shine, 1993)
    • There is a slight variation among sexes in each species, but they were not significantly different (linear model: p > 0.05).

  • Tail length difference between sexes of both species was evident, with the males having longer tail length compared to females
    • This difference might be related to the important role of tail in reproduction and fights for females (Sreekar, pers. obs.).

  • The A-G in C.pubisculus and H. frenatus is different
    • Hopping style movement in C. pubisculus and crawling style in H. frenatus might be the cause for that difference.