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Getting access to Harvard resources

Getting your DCE number

The Division of Continuing Education (DCE) encompasses Harvard Summer School and Extension School, and your DCE ID number and six-digit DCE PIN provide access to online services for both schools. Your DCE ID number begins with the “@” symbol:

  • @00272196, Abd Rahman Mohd Ridwan
  • @00272187, Aprilinayati, Fikty
  • @00272198, Bandara, Imesh M
  • @00266265, Brownjohn, Andrew Gordon
  • @00267741, Caro, Shana Miriam
  • @00272197, Chak, Wang Hoong
  • @00062237, Lavash, Jessica
  • @00272193, Nghiem, Le Thi Phuong
  • @00268008, Prus, Kristina Marie
  • @00272190, Rachakonda, Sreekar
  • @00272192, Rachmayuninetyas, Biofagri A
  • @00264458, Rooney, Molly Morgan,
  • @00267720, Schoenberg, Abigail Faith
  • @00267293, Torres, Alexandra De La Rosa
  • @00272188, Tuan, Mindy Jia Min
  • @00267369, Yntema, Douwe Theodore
  • @00264914, Zhao, Serena Yang
  • @00272195, Zulfikar, Rindita

Getting your DCE PIN

A DCE PIN is assigned to you the first time you register for Extension School or Summer School courses as part of your online registration. If you do not know it, select the appropriate link on the online services login page, and fill in your name, DCE number and DOB. An email will be sent to you.

Harvard ID Number

Your Harvard ID number and Harvard PIN provide access to e-resources at Harvard. You will have access for the duration of the course. Your Harvard ID number (labeled HUID) appears at the top of the Summer School registration confirmation that is sent to you via US mail. You can also see your Harvard ID number by logging in to online services (with DCE ID and PIN) and selecting “Student Information and Status.”

Harvard PIN

Once your Harvard ID number is activated in June, you need to obtain a Harvard PIN via the Harvard PIN System. Go to the appropriate link on the DCE online services page, which will take you to the Harvard PIN system. Enter your email and DOB and Harvard ID number and select `email me a link.’ Go to your mail and open this link. Chose a PIN. Note the stringent requirements for a PIN.

Note that if you do not see an option for receiving the Harvard PIN via e-mail, or if you do not receive your PIN within 15 minutes via e-mail, then your e-mail address may not be correct in the central Harvard University system. To correct this problem, log in to online services and select “Report Problem with Harvard PIN.”


The single most useful resource is the ISI Web of Science. Go to http://lib.harvard.edu and select e-Resources.

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