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at Miri Crocodile Farm, 06-06-09

My name is Aywen Chak (or Zhai), 23 from West Malaysia. Recently, I have just graduated from Bachelor of Biological Science (Brunei). For my Hons project, I did a preliminary investigation on the tropical mistletoes of Brunei Darussalam. Hereby, I focused mainly on the mineral nutrition and water relations of certain well established mistletoes that include Scurulla ferruginea, Macrosolen cochinchinensis, Dendrophtoe curvata, and Viscum articulatum; and their asscociated host plants. Apart from that, I will also be doing an inventory on the different types of parasitic plants available in the sultanate for my long term research study (2009-2011).

There are several reasons why I want to participate in this course.

Firstly, this course will enable me to broaden my current knowledge and understanding of the ever dynamic and complex ecosystem processes of a tropical rainforest. As a nature enthusiast, I am always looking forward for such rare opportunity, where I can learn from experts while exchanging my knowledge among my peers residing in different parts of the world. At the same time, I also love to dedicate myself in conserving and protecting the threatened tropical forest of Borneo. Meanwhile, I am also keen to share my experience with everyone, and especially the public sectors.

I am interested in taxidermy, tutoring, hiking and sight seeing. I also like to volunteer in various field activities and do charity. I like to listen and help people where ever I go, and whenever I can. I am very friendly and caring person, whom prefer vegetables than meat.