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A Snapshot of Java.

Hi everyone!

I am Agri. I am a graduate of School of Life Sciences and Technology, Bandung. I have been interested in nature since I was a kid. I thought of taking a study about animal in captivity management before I took a subject for my undergrad thesis, but my professor led me to another direction: conservation in bigger frame. You go out directly to wilderness, make a survey, record the data, and extract it into something. I gotta tell you… I am really glad… I really enjoy working at the field.

When I was still studying, I took almost every available class that’s related to systematic: biosystematic (the general one), plant systematic, vertebrate systematic, and invertebrate systematic. Why? Because I think systematic is heavily related to conservation. I mean, how would you conserve something, if you don’t know what or how many things you’re dealing with? Ya.. something like that.

I’m really happy to be part of BoB 2009. I could develop so many things that I get from this course: about tropical forest conservation, ecology and evolution, statistic, and many other things that are bound to come in the next 4 weeks! Yay! This is so exciting!

BTW, I live in Bandung City, that’s the capital of West Java. If any of you got the chance to visit Bandung, just give me a call ok. ^_^