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This course could not have been as successful and fun as it was without the help of many people and organizations. We would like to thank:

Primary sponsor

  • Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University


  • Government of Malaysia
  • Sarawak Forestry Corporation
  • Sabah Parks
  • Universiti Malaysia Sabah (esp. ITBC and BMRI)
  • Sabah Forestry Department (esp. Forestry Research Center, Deramakot logging operation)
  • Yayasan Sabah
  • Borneo Nature Tours


  • Gavin Sham (BNT)
  • Auther Kimon (BNT)
  • Alex Wong (BNT)
  • Kamal Abdullah (Lambir Hills NP)
  • Sylvester Tan (CTFS)
  • Lina (and other canteen staff)
  • Rod Eastwood
  • Dave Lohman
  • Shawn Lum
  • Hamza (MBSC)

not finished…

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