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Taking a thoughtful moment at Maliau Falls.

Hey everyone!

About Me

Who Am I?

I’m Abby, and I’m a Sophomore in Currier House at Harvard. I’m concentrating in Visual and Environmental Studies, on the Film/Video track, specializing in non-fiction filmmaking. I’m also planning on getting a secondary concentration in either Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, or Human Evolutionary Biology (the Mind, Brain, Behavior track). I have always loved animals (especially primates!) and am currently working for the Jane Goodall Institute. This is my first real introduction to biological field work, and I have been loving the new experience!

What do I enjoy?

I love anything and everything related to the arts. At Harvard, you can usually find me behind-the-scenes during one of the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club productions, working for Harvard Undergraduate Television, or in concert with Shani, Harvard’s one and only Jewish Social Action A Cappella group. If I’m not there, I’m almost definitely in the video lab in the basement of Sever, editing my newest footage, or at the Roots & Shoots office in downtown Boston, where I intern for this amazing program of the Jane Goodall Institute. When I’m not at school, I am either down at the Jersey Shore, or wishing that I was. Then again, I might be rock climbing, exploring New York City, cake-decorating, ice skating, or relaxing outside with a good book. This trip has convinced me that I need more exercise in my life, so hopefully I will be doing lots of running down by the river when I’m back at school!

What’s a filmmaker doing on a biology course in Borneo?

Although I have discovered that my greatest passions lie with film, I have never given up my lifelong love of wildlife. I try not to define myself as having one single passion, and I’ve decided that, in my years at college, I want to have as many experiences as possible and not limit myself to the field in which I hope to have a career. If there’s ever a time for me to live out my dreams of exploring the wild, it is now! At the same time, I am loving the process of learning science and ecology more in-depth; it has been wonderful using both the creative side and the scientific side of my brain every day here in Borneo! I am very grateful to Cam and everyone at BoB ’09 for being open enough to allow me to have this wonderful experience.

What’s in my future?

Not sure yet! This course has truly opened my eyes to all of the possibilities that lie ahead. I look forward to returning to Harvard in the fall to continue exploring film, science, and more!

My work in Borneo

My focal taxon – Phasmidae!

My project at Lambir – Lepidoptera!

My project at Gaya – Anemonefish!

My project at Maliau – Gibbons!