Gonocephalus bornensis (Schlegel, 1848)
Bornean Angle-headed Lizard

Locations : Lambir Hills NP.
Physique : Body relatively robust; nuchal and dorsal crests continuous, highly developed in males, comprising elongated, lanceolate scales that run up to the level of the tail and decreasing in height posteriorly; females with a high nuchal crest but a lower dorsal crest; dorsal crest fused in juvenile males.
Scalation : Dorsals intermixed with larger scales; no large scales below orbit of eye; ventrals smooth, more convex on the pectoral region.
Habit : Arboreal.
Habitat : Primary rainforests in the midhills, up to about 1,100m.
Natural History : Diet comprises ants and spiders; a clutch size of four eggs is known, measuring 4.2-4.3 x 9.0-9.9mm, produced at intervals of about 100 days. Hatchlings measure 35-37mm.