Gekko monarchus (Duméril & Bibron, 1836)
Warty House Gecko

Locations : Lambir Hills NP.
Physique : Body robust and tuberculate; digits widened, basally webbed; weak webbing between toes IV and V; preanofemoral pores 23-42.
Scalation : Dorsals with large, tuberculate scales arranged in 16-17 longitudinal rows; scales on throat granular; midventrals 30-38; supralabials 10-11; infralabials 9-12; median row of subcaudals widened.
Habit : Nocturnal ; arboreal.
Habitat : from human habitations to forests. More common in disturbed forests.
Natural History : Vocalizations comprise 51 individual, low, ‘tock- tock’ calls. Diet comprises insects and other invertebrates, and two eggs are produced at a time, measuring 9.3-13.6×9.5-11.4mm, and attached to rock crevices. Communal nesting in the species known; over 50 eggs have been found. Incubation period is 120 days and hatchlings measure 25-30mm.