Gehyra mutilata (Wiegmann, 1834)
Four-clawed House Gecko

Locations : Lambir Hills NP, Pulawgaya.
Physique : . Body slender; head relatively large and oval; tail distinctly flattened dorsoventrally, widening at base, with sharp, somewhat denticulate edges; males with 25-41 preanofemoral pores; lamellae under toe IV 25; postanal tubercle absent.
Habit : Nocturnal ; arboreal.
Habitat :From human habitations to forests. More common in disturbed forests.
Natural History : Its call is a series of 6-8 monosyllabic ‘tock’ sounds that increase in intensity. When captured, it does not attempt to bite, but defecates as an anti-predator response. Its diet comprises insects and isopods and 1-2 eggs, measuring 7.1-8.5×10.5-11.2mm, are produced at a time. Incubation period is 54-60 days and hatchlings measure 17-23mm.