Draco maximus Boulenger, 1893
Large Flying Lizard

Locations : Lambir Hills NP, Deramakot.
Physique : A large, robust flying lizard. Body relatively robust; patagial ribs six; no spinous projection above eye; males with nuchal sail.
Scalation : Dewlap covered with small scales; supralabials 14-15; dorsals mostly homogenous, with a small series of large scales at base of patagium; fringe like scales on posterior margin of thighs and tail base; ventrals larger than dorsals, keeled; subcaudals 1.3-2 times larger than adjacent scales.
Habit : diurnal ; arboreal.
Habitat : Mainly inhabits river edges in forests from the lowlands to about 1000m.
Natural History : Known to sleep on tree trunks 1.5-2m above ground. Diet presumably comprises ants and other insects. Between 1-5 eggs, measuring 11-18mm are produced at a time.