Since I have been funded largely by public money, I believe most of my data should be available to all. I am slowly preparing files for upload to this site. So far, I have uploaded data on my 28 0.1-ha tree plots at Gunung Palung (see my publications for details).

Webb tree plots: meta-data

  1. Plot Name. Named by reference to the nearest trail marker. See map in Webb & Peart 2000.
  2. Subplot Location. 16 subplots of 10 x 10 m per plot, 4 rows (UU, U, S, SS), 4 columns (BB, B, T, TT).
  3. Tag Number.
  4. Diameter. At breast height, measured in 1993.
  5. Taxa Name. Genus, species and authority.
  6. Family. First 5 letters of the family.
  7. Indentification Confidence. 1 = dead certain, 2 = pretty sure, 3 = possibly (equivalent to `cf.’), 4 = sure about genus, 5= probably correct to genus, 6 = sure about family. These refer to matching of field types to recognized Latin binomials.

The catch…

These data was a lot of work to collect. If you are interested in basing a large proportion of your work on these data, I would appreciate being an author. On the other hand, if these data appear solely for comparative purposes, an acknowledgment is sufficient. Please get in touch to discuss this. Thanks!

As I’m sure you’ll understand, I’m curious about who might be downloading these data. Please do fill in the required information honestly. I will then be able to keep you informed about updates.

Your name:

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Please let me know what you might use this data for:

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