Cyrtodactylus consobrinus (Peters, 1871)
Peter’s Bent-toed Gecko

Locations : Maliau.
Physique : Body robust; femoral pores large, numbering upto six; males and females with 9-14 preanal scales forming a narrow angular series, pores present only in males; preanal grove absent.
Scalation : Dorsum with scattered tuberculate scales in 18-20 irregular rows; supralabials 10-16; infralabials 9-13; midventrals 58-70.
Habit : nocturnal ; arboreal.
Habitat : A forest gecko associated with mature trees in lowland dipterocarp forests.
Natural History : Diet comprises insects. Two eggs, measuring 14.0-17.6mm, are produced several times a year. Hatchlings measuring ~30mm.