Harvard Biodiversity of Borneo Course 2008



Water is becoming the most precious resoources. unfortunately, it is facing tremendous threats, especially due to anthropogenic activities. In dry season, many places in Indonesia suffer from water shortages, while, in rainy season, these same areas are inundated. Thus, water management is important.


Environmental Education

Nature is our playground, providing us trees, water, cattles, rice, and many more…, teaching us many lessons in life. But unfortunately, it is getting degraded. It encourage me to initiate an environmental education for young people across Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. The initial project is supported by the British Council Indonesia and WWF Indonesia. Hope I and some friends here can create positive changes to our environment. Visit my blog for more detail of the project.


Nature, Human and Animals

How does the relation among nature, humans, and animals look like?
Anthropocentric, biocentric, ecocentric, etc.?
What depends on what? What influences what? What is a balance relationship?
Try to figure out those questions in these pictures.