Application information for Southeast Asian students

  • The course is aimed at advanced undergraduates, recent graduates currently active in biological research, and postgraduate entry-level students.
  • Travel, food, accommodation and course fees will be funded for tropical (Austral-)Asian nationals (including PNG, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and China) who are currently resident in Asia by the CTFS-AA program, although some students may be requested to pay their international travel. Students will be responsible for obtaining and paying for their travel documents, and for their personal equipment.
  • Some places may be available for non-Harvard, non-Asian, paying students.
  • Students will be selected to provide broad international representation.
  • English will be the language of the course and students will need to be sufficiently proficient in spoken English.
  • We may conduct phone interviews. These will preferably be using Skype, so please get an account (
  • Students should be able to hike for a minimum of 2 hours over uneven terrain. To get full benefit from this course, students should be prepared to attempt to climb Mount Kinabalu (4,095 m), and should be able to swim competently. Snorkeling and diving experience are not required.
  • Please also see a flyer for the course: Feel free to print and post this flyer.

Alternative CTFS-AA course

Please consider also applying for the CTFS-AA International Field Biology Course (

Application documents

Please prepare two documents:

  1. a current CV, formatted, saved as a PDF file (NOT Microsoft Word),
  2. an application form (see below), saved as plain text (NOT Microsoft Word).

These should be sent via email to [email protected] no later than 15 Mar 2008.

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