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Q: I downloaded the OSX program bundle and saved it to my home directory. When I try to perform an analysis I get the following error message : "No tree was specified. SymmeTREE is closing on account of a major error in initialization." What's going on?

  A. If you are familiar with the Terminal interface, you will need to navigate to the SymmeTREE directory (folder) that you dragged to your home directory and then start the program. If you are unfamiliar with the command-line OSX interface, you can get started with this 15 minute tutorial. Otherwise, drag the contents of the SymmeTREE folder directly into your home directory and double-click on the program icon to start the program. Make sure that any data files are in the same directory as the program (for more information refer to pages 3-4 of the user manual).

Q: My study tree is humongous and/or poorly resolved. Can SymmeTREE handle this kind of data set?

  A. To date, SymmeTREE has been successfully applied to fairly large trees (~5400 species) and/or trees containing a large proportion of polytomies (e.g., 1000 species tree that is ~45% resolved). If your tree is poorly resolved, however, it is instructive to experiment with the various alternative options for resolving polytomies in order to explore their effect on the results obtained (described on pages 40-43 of the user manual).
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