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DATAbase The Dipsacales Alignment & Tree Archive is a simple relational database of all phylogenetic data sets, tree files, and systematic publications on the group of plants studied in the Donoghue Lab, Dipsacales. Although this archive arose as a by-product of a project to estimate a supertree for the group, it is sure to become an indispensable resource for the vast field of Dipsacales systematists (comprising about four researchers globally).

A typical search is performed as follows:

  • From the front page, users can search the database by author or taxon name (by genus).
  • Every study matching the search criterion is listed on the corresponding results page.
  • Clicking on a given study number opens the corresponding record page, with an analysis window comprising three tabbed subsections describing the sample of characters and taxa and the details of the analysis. From this window you can also download the data matrix (Nexus format), tree files (Newick format), and the original paper (pdf).
  • Each record also has a tree window depicting the results of the corresponding analysis.
  • To initiate a new search, click on the magnifying glass icon on the front page.

Download DATAbase release 1.03 (requires Mac OSX). WARNING: 95 MB! In the event of, umm, obstreperous demand I may eventually post DATAbase online.

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