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Lubuk Baji

2009-04-03 (Link)
Endro, Acun, and Bambang spent 2009-03-30 to 2009-04-01 at Lubuk Baji. They made 23 collections. Their largest collection was a flowering Amorphophallus!


2009-04-03 (Link)
Cam, Endro, Acun, Edi and Bambang climbed to the top of Gunung Peramas on 2009-03-12. The summit trees included the widespread, coppicing Castanopsis, the cauliflorous Durio macrophyllus, and dense, mature Macarangas. We saw Shorea parvistipulata, and a small leaved Hopea, but no Dipterocarpus. The summit region has a dense carpet of Phrynium, indicating moist conditions. These are surely created by the daily cloud-cap that sits on the hill top in the early morning.

Off to a good start

2008-12-07 (Link)
Bambang Suryantoro (my National Park counterpart), Eka, and myself have now made two collecting trips to Gunung Peramas, in the Gunung Palung National Park. The forest was lightly disturbed, with a coastal influence (i.e., probably quite dry in the dry season). The collections are already up on the web.