Apterygodon vittata (Edeling, 1864)
Striped Bornean Tree Skink

Locations : Lambir Hills NP, Pulaugaya, Sepilak.
Physique : Body robust; tympanum present; tail rounded in cross-section, tapering to fine point.
Scalation : Dorsals keeled; prefrontals separated from each other; frontal larger than frontoparietal; nuchals generally absent, and when present, only a single pair; supraoculars five; supraciliaries 8-9; supralabials 7-8; midbody scale rows 30; scales under toe IV 16-22; two large heel scales in males.
Habit : Diurnal ; arboreal.
Habitat : Inhabits lowland rain forests, as well as gardens, ascending large trees upto about 37m.
Natural History : Its diet is primarily ants, and also other small insects; and 2-4 thick-shelled eggs are produced at a time.