Name Toh Kok Ben
Age 22, Refusing to be 23… 😛
Date of Birth      09/11/1984
Nationality Malaysian
Hometown Muar, Johor;
Kuala Lumpur

Heyyooo, thank you and welcome to my page… 🙂 My surname/family/last name is Toh, given/first name is Kok Ben. Chinese put their last name first and first name last.
I’m a guy who born in a city… and fall in love with nature… and at the same time love to rant!!! My friend suggested that I should go study social sciences particularly politics instead of biology… Well this basically just show you how much I love to… rant about politics in Malaysia…~~ Oh and did I tell you my current interest is mainly marine and conservation biology + history and geography??? Hmmm… trying to get economy into the list but I guess I shouldn’t be this greedy hah…
I guess you can’t tell much different between the “Before” and “After” hah… So am I… XD But I remember interviewing a job… and the interviewer actually said… are you putting on weight??? Arggghhhh… Any suggestion for me to cut my weight??? LOL… And does this mean the BOB course actually fed me too well??? @@ By the way, the “after” pic was taken when “the tiger took my laundry”!!! Well, it was found at last thanks to Sarah 😀

1984 November 09 Alive and awake~~
1997 ~ 2002 Amazing High School live
2003 ~ 2007 Studying in National University of Singapore
2007 July 01 onwards      Jobless…
2008 January… Yay I got offered to study Master in…
NUS again… hmmm… better than nothing LOL

Toh Kok Ben @ BOB 2007