Phylomatic Documentation

Version 3


Sending data with curl

curl is a handy command line tool for interacting with websites. You can send the data from a web-form back to the server from curl, if you know the parameters. The easiest way to use this to send data to phylomatic is first to create a text file (e.g., phylomatic.dat) with the parameter data:


Note that there should be no line-breaks in your input file. The whole thing should be one long string of text. The %2F and %0D symbols are URL-encoded slashes and newline characters, respectively. Then just send the data to te server with:

      $ curl -d @phylomatic.dat >

(The > redirects the output to a file)

Too many taxa for this online version of phylomatic?

If you have more than about 5,000 taxa, a job on this server will take too long and the gateway will timeout. A limit of 5,000 taxa has now been placed on a taxa file. You have two alternatives:

  1. Use the desktop version of phylomatic, available with phylocom, or
  2. Use this (gawk-powered) version of phylomatic on your own computer:
    1. Aquire the files from github.
    2. Make sure the first line of the pmws file points to your gawk (version >= 4.0) executable.
    3. Run with (for example):
      $ echo "informat=newick&storedtree=R20120829&method=phylomatic&taxauri=" \
        | path/to/pmws >

(Note the local=1 switch!)


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