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List of people currently working in my Lab

Ferry Slik (Associate Professor)

Please contact me if you are interested to use our research infrastructure or if you want to join my group.


Ni Putu Diana Mahayani (PhD)

Dynamics of plant functional diversity following land use change. 

Diana is studying how land use change will affect functional, taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity of the landscape in Berau, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.


Rafi'ah Jambul (MSc)

Regeneration of burned heath forest in Brunei Darussalam

Rafi'ah is studying how fire affects Brunei's heath forests, and how and if these forests recover from fire damage. The invasion of burned heath forests by Acacia mangium is one of the complicating factors.

Wang Yang (PhD)

Predicting future plant distribution globally

Developing a framework incorporating natural dispersal into MaxEnt


Khairunzahidah (MSc)

Medicinal plants of UBDs Herbal Garden

Khairun is producing a book on the medicinal plants found in UBDs herbal garden. She has interviewed several traditional healers from Brunei Darussalam to find out how the plants are used and how to prepare the plants for medicine.


Army Limin (MSc)

Impact of drought on large canopy trees in Andulau Forest Reserve, Brunei

Army is studying how the 2016 El Nino drought impacted the growth of more than 500 large canopy trees in Andulau Forest Reserve. She is especially interested to see how topography and soil variables interact with drough effects.