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Postdocs: Yale | Harvard | Arizona
Students: Yale | Harvard | Arizona | San Diego State
Lab Associates: all

Postdoctoral Associates

Yale University

  • Wendy Clement (2008-12; ) -- The College of New Jersey [email]

  • Eugenia Lo (2008-11; )

  • David Tank (2006-08; assembling the angiosperm tree of life, campanulid phylogeny, systematics and evolution of the paintbrushes (Castilleja) and relatives, Orobanchaceae) -- University of Idaho [email]

  • Margaret Evans (2005-08; Gaylord Donnelley Environmental Fellow; origins, dynamics, and conservation of plant diversity; evolutionary ecology; population modeling)

  • Dianella Howarth (2002-07; Dipsacales flower evolution) -- St. John's University
  • Cam Webb (2000-05; Gaylord Donnelley Environmental Fellow; phylogenetic community ecology) -- Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University [email]
  • Richard Winkworth (2000-05; Viburnum phylogeny, biogeography) -- University of the South Pacific [email]

Harvard University
University of Arizona


Graduate Students

Yale University

  • Jeremy Beaulieu (2007-12; comparative analyses of plant functional/ecological traits, plant genome size) -- University of Tennessee [email]
  • Sara Carlson (2004-10; plant evo-devo, systematics and evolution of Dipsacaceae) -- Universite de Neuchatel [email]
  • Stephen A. Smith (2003-08; historical biogeography, Lonicera) -- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor [email]
  • Sang-tae Kim, Ph.D. (2008; Polygonum phylogeny and speciation) -- Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology [email]
  • Brian Moore, Ph.D. (2008; diversification rates, comparative methods) -- University of California, Berkeley [email]
  • Rachel Novick, Ph.D. (2008; Cospeciation and life history evolution in the cedar apple rust fungi)
  • Erika Edwards, Ph.D. (2005; Pereskia phylogeny and evolution of water relations) [email]
  • Chuck Bell, Ph.D. (2003; Valerianaceae) -- University of New Orleans [email]

Harvard University

  • Chuck Davis, Ph.D. (w. D. Baum) (2002; Malphigiaceae) -- Harvard University [email]
  • Kobinah Abdul-Salim, Ph.D. (w. D. Baum) (2002; Symphonia, Madagascar) -- Ohio State University Herbarium [email]
  • Richard (Rick) Ree, Ph.D. (w. D. Baum) (2001; Pedicularis, character evolution) -- Field Museum of Chicago [email]
  • Russ Spangler, Ph.D. (w. E. Kellogg) (2000; Sorghum)
  • George Weiblen, Ph.D. (1999; figs and fig wasps) -- University of Minnesota [email]
  • Carlo Maley, Ph.D. (MIT, 1998; artificial life) -- University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine [email]
  • Diane Ferguson, Ph.D. (1998; Hydrophyllaceae) -- Herbarium of Louisiana State University [email]

University of Arizona San Diego State University

  • Jim Dice, M.S. (1987; Nolina)

Lab Associates

  • Nell Green Nylen (2006- ; Assistant to Michael Donoghue, web site updates, etc.) [email]

  • Nico Cellinese -- Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida [email]

  • Mary Moore (2000; TreeBASE, web design)

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