Phylogeny & Biogeography of Symphoricarpos

I am currently working on a complete taxon sampled (~13-15 spp) phylogeny of Symphoricarpos.

Symphoricarpos is a small group of deciduous shrubs with an interesting distribution. All but one are natives of North America and Central America; the one remaining is from western China. The majority of the species diversity is found in western North America

To date, little work has been done on inferring the phylogenetic relationships of Symphoricarpos. Another interesting question is where Symphoricarpos fits into the phylogeny of Dipsacales as a whole. Although much progress has been made towards resolving relationships within Dipsacales, the resolution of a clade containing Symphoricapos, Lonicera, and Triosteum remains unclear.

About Me

I am an evolutionary biologist interested in phylogenetics, plant systematics, divergence time estimation, and biogeography