People in the lab...


Charles "Chuck" Bell

Graduate Students

  • Tess Clapp (working on systematics of Spartina)
  • Interested in joining the lab? Contact me.

    Undergraduate Students

  • Dominique Garnett
  • Tatyana Thompson
  • Interested in joining the lab? Contact me.

    Lab Alumni

  • Amber Washington (Xavier University)
  • Kevin Bergeron (UNO)
  • Luna Liu
  • Anne Johnston, MS
  • Ashley Brown
  • Pryiya Bariya
  • Laura Alexander, Ph.D. (Student of Phil DeVries working on butterfly phylogenetics/population genetics)
  • Janice Jacobi
  • Gloria Calderon
  • Lauren Gonzalez, MS (Now at UF with Pam & Doug Soltis)
  • Brent Polizzi
  • Laura Gill
  • Jumana Ghanem
  • Holly Laviolette
  • Djihad Hameurlaine
  • Juana Reconco-Ramirez

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