Phylogentic Systematics of Dipsacales

I am currently involved in resolving the phylogeny of Dipsacales and its place amongst the other angiosperms.

Over the past five years we have made a great deal of progress in the understanding of the phylogeny of Dipsacales (see publications), however relationships between some of the major clades is still unresolved (see Dipsacales Tree of Life page).

Likewise, although we know a great deal about Dipsacales and angiosperm phylogeny, we still can't say with any confidence what the sister group to Dipsacales is. Without this information we are spimied about saying much about the ancestral condition of many morphological characters in Dipsacales.

About Me

I am an evolutionary biologist interested in phylogenetics, plant systematics, divergence time estimation, and biogeography