Systematics and Floral Evolution in Centranthus

I am currently working on a complete taxon sampled (~15 sp) phylogeny of Centranthus.

Centranthus is comprised of ~15 species of herbs and subshrubs native to Southern Europe.

All previous phylogenetic analyses suggest Centranthus is monophyletic, however its relationship with other species of Valerianaceae remains uncertian.

Centranthus is of particular interest becase of its strange floral morphology. Species of Centranthus have asymmetric corollas and have only one stamen, unique within Valerianaceae. Unlike other Valerianaceae, species of Centranthus have an extremely elongated spur, presumably associated with its pollination syndrome.

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I am an evolutionary biologist interested in phylogenetics, plant systematics, divergence time estimation, and biogeography